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Your Fave BÖC Album Poll

Poll #516895 Blue Öyster Cult Album Poll

What Is Your Favorite Blue Öyster Cult (Studio) Album

Blue Öyster Cult (1972)
Tyranny and Mutation (1973)
Secret Treaties (1974)
Agents of Fortune (1976)
Spectres (1977)
Mirrors (1979)
Cultosaurus Erectus (1980)
Fire of Unknown Origin (1981)
The Revolution by Night (1983)
Club Ninja (1986)
Imaginos (1988)
Heaven Forbid (1998)
The Curse of the Hidden Mirror (2001)
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I don't really think I can choose a favourite. Doesn't help that it's been quite a while since I listened to an entire album, as opposed to individual songs on my random playlist.
Random just isn't the same when it comes to BÖC. I imagine segues like this:

Mirrors => Transmaniacon MC => Goin' Thru The Motions => Blue Oyster Cult

...and cringe.
I don't know...
Mirrors>Transmaniacon might actually work, but I do take your point. I'm one of the Secret Treaties votes, mostly for Harvester>Telepaths>Astronomy, but, revisiting the track list, it really all does flow together.

Thanks for tossing this poll out there. This was the second thing that came to mind when I found this group. The first thing would be a "List your top 10 songs" thread, which I may yet get to, but don't wait on me if you are so inspired.
I used to run & compile weekly music polls that asked posters to list their top 6 tracks on another message board. Used to get a dozen responses per band. The BÖC results were intersting. Of the 10 people who submitted 6 songs, here are the results:

(Don't Fear) The Reaper 7 Votes
Burnin' For You 4 Votes
Godzilla 4 Votes
The Revenge Of Vera Gemini 4 Votes
Cities On Flame With Rock-n-Roll 3 Votes
Dominance and Submission 3 Votes
Then Came the Last Days of May 3 Votes
Veteran Of The Psychic Wars 3 Votes
Before the Kiss, a Redcap 2 Votes
Death Valley Nights 2 Votes
I'm on the Lamb, But I Ain't No Sheep 2 Votes
Vengeance (The Pact) 2 Votes
7 Screamning Diz-Busters 1 Votes
Astronomy 1 Votes
Deadline 1 Votes
E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) 1 Votes
Flaming Telepaths 1 Votes
Goin' Through the Motions 1 Votes
Hot Rails to Hell 1 Votes
In Thee 1 Votes
Joan Crawford 1 Votes
Mistress Of The Salmon Salt (Quicklime Girl) 1 Votes
Stairway to the Stars 1 Votes
The Red and the Black 1 Votes
This Ain't the Summer of Love 1 Votes

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