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Hi, I'm Ashley, I just joined! I'm a relatively recent BÖC fan, steadily becoming more rabid as I listen to more of their stuff.

I actually got into them from hearing Metallica's cover of "Astronomy," finding the original, and learning that it's about eighty billion times better than the cover (it's been my all-time favorite song ever since). Soon after that I found a BÖC greatest hits album, and that officially hooked me. I love every single song on that CD!

So far I've gotten Secret Treaties, Agents of Fortune, and Spectres on vinyl -- my favorite of them is definitely ST (naturally, the speakers on my record player had to go and die on me, so I can't listen to any of them anymore). Plus, I got to see the band about a month ago at a concert outside Detroit, and that was really fun! I'd love to see them again this summer... {crosses fingers}

So yeah, there's my little intro. If anybody wants to recommend some really good songs that I might not have heard of yet, I'd love to hear your suggestions!

Oh, and to show just how out of my generation I am... I bought a 1984 concert shirt off eBay, and it's as old as I am. ^_~
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I love Secret Treaties too. Two of my other favorites are their first two albums, "Blue Oyster Cult" and "Tyranny and Mutation" I feel they were light years ahead with their sound then anybody else playing back then.

As for live Albums, I prefer "A Long Day's Night" - but that may be because I was there for the recording! My ugly mug actually pops up about 10 or 11 times in the DVD :p

Of course other's will have different opinions, and your milage may vary!

Finally, don't over look their last two CD's "Heaven Forbid" and "The Curse of the Hidden Mirror". One last thing, there is a link on the official Blue Oyster Cult website to the BOC FAQ. You should read it when you get some time - there's many interesting things to be found. Here's the link:
The two recent albums didn't grab me at first, but they grew on me with a few more listenings.
You're on the DVD? That's awesome! :D

Thanks for your suggestions! I've been thinking about going for their older albums first, so I'll definitely look for BOC and T&M, but I might also have to try the new ones if I run across them.

Thanks for the link too -- I can't wait to look through the FAQ's.
I quite like Workshop of the Telescopes as a compilation that gives a wide range of their songs. I don't expect to ever see the band live -- they're not really likely to tour to this part of the world!

Interesting to see that you're getting albums on vinyl -- I aim to replace all my vinyl with CDs. Much more convenient, especially once they're on the computer.

My social group has lots of people your age, but I've never managed to hook them on BOC -- Reaper or Burning for You are about the only things that make it onto party playlists.
Hmm, I'll have to look for that one. I do like the wider compilations.

Heh, I'm buying them on vinyl partly because of the collectable nature of it, but mostly because it's so much cheaper than buying CDs (the local game shop has used records for $5-$7 a piece!), and I'm a poor college student. I would like to get some CDs, though, if only so I can get some more BÖC on the Winamp rotation.

My friends aren't really into them either -- so sad. But I'll work on 'em!
I think I need to figure out what songs people would dance to, and then persuade the playlist maestros. It's gotta be better than that modern "music" people insist on adding to the true classics :-)

I originally bought most of my BOC albums on second-hand vinyl too, when I was a poor university student. Got most on CD now, but not all.