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Hi, I'm Ashley, I just joined! I'm a relatively recent BÖC fan, steadily becoming more rabid as I listen to more of their stuff.

I actually got into them from hearing Metallica's cover of "Astronomy," finding the original, and learning that it's about eighty billion times better than the cover (it's been my all-time favorite song ever since). Soon after that I found a BÖC greatest hits album, and that officially hooked me. I love every single song on that CD!

So far I've gotten Secret Treaties, Agents of Fortune, and Spectres on vinyl -- my favorite of them is definitely ST (naturally, the speakers on my record player had to go and die on me, so I can't listen to any of them anymore). Plus, I got to see the band about a month ago at a concert outside Detroit, and that was really fun! I'd love to see them again this summer... {crosses fingers}

So yeah, there's my little intro. If anybody wants to recommend some really good songs that I might not have heard of yet, I'd love to hear your suggestions!

Oh, and to show just how out of my generation I am... I bought a 1984 concert shirt off eBay, and it's as old as I am. ^_~
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