John Buck (johnbuckliny) wrote in career_of_evil,
John Buck

How About A Little Blue Öyster Cult Trivia??

OK, I have 5 minutes to kill here @ work before the server finishes updating, so here goes. Seeing that there are only a dozen members of this community, the only request I make is if you're gonna answer any of the following "somewhat easy" BÖC trivia questions, replace 'em with some of your own.

Question 1: In the studio verion of Godzilla, what is the English translation of the Japanese warning in the middle of the song?

"Attention. Attention. Godzilla is entering the Ginza area. Evacuate immediately. Evacuate immediately!"

Question 2: In the song 'The Revenge Of Vera Gemini', who says the following spoken word introduction: "You're boned like a saint -- With the consciousness of a snake"?

Extra Credit: What BÖC band member dated her for a while? Who did our 'Vera Gemini' guest end up marrying? What other 3 BÖC songs did our mystery poet co-write with the band?

a. Patti Smith b. Allen Lanier c. Fred Sonic Smith of the proto punk band MC5 - Fuck Hudsons! d. 'Career of Evil' ¤ 'Fire of Unknown Origin' ¤'Shooting Shark'

Question 3: We all know John Carpenter used 'Don't Fear The Reaper' in Halloween. Who, pray tell, introduced BÖC's rare promo only CD-single with the following words: "Imaginos, performed by Blue Oyster Cult: A bedtime story for the children of the damned...From a dream world paralleling our earth in time and space, the invisible ones have sent an agent who will dream the dream of history. With limitless power he becomes the greatest actor of the 19th Century. Taking on many disguises he places himself at pivotal junctures in history. Continually altering its course & testing our ability to respond to the challenge of evil. His name is Imaginos"?

Extra Credit: What it is name of this rare CD single & what album is it from?

Steven King - Horror novelist, NH radio station owner and devout BÖC fan. The song he introduces is the remake of 'Astronomy' from the "Blue Öyster Cult In Name Only" rock opera 'Imaginos'

Small aside: Seeing that it'll never again be commercially released, if anyone wants me to email them a 128Kbps mp3 file of the song, just ask.
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